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The Memory Lab is a conceptual creative studio that produces original art and design at the intersection of curiosity for the future and nostalgia for the past. Founded by multimedia artist ThisIsWex (Beth Wexler), the work is rooted in a D.I.Y. ethos of experimentation and healthy dose of skepticism.

The Memory Lab is a creative studio. We specialize in audio-visual experiments and wholly sensorial experiences. Our aesthetic ranges from minimalist simplicity to chaotic patchwork and collage. The Memory Lab is a space for critical thought and exploration. Born out of a D.I.Y. ethos and a love for the technology of the past with an eye on the future, The Memory Lab strives to tickle your ears and eyeballs with both the familiar and otherworldly.​


Founded by Multimedia artist and designer Beth Wexler aka ThisIsWex

In collaboration We:Reiz and Phonographic

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